Video: Is This The Most Epic Paper Plane Throw Of All Time?

Vlogger Tucker Gott threw his paper plane at 2,000 feet … and then caught it.

An epic paper plane throw.Image YouTube

A paramotoring vlogger and YouTube personality has described the moment he threw and caught a paper airplane as the “most epic” thing he’s ever done in his life – and it’s difficult not to agree.

Paramotoring or powered paragliding refers to the practice or paragliding with the help of a motor which allows to more autonomy when taking to the skies.It’s something vlogger Tucker Gott is evidently very familiar with, if his latest video is anything to go by.

In the clip, Gott takes to the skies before launching a paper airplane into the skie while flying at 2,000 ff. Yet the most extraordinary moment comes when Gott circles back around and catches his own airplane.

What makes it all the remarkable is the fact he captures the entire thing on camera. “I think that’s the most epic thing I’ve done in my entire life,” he then confidently declares.

It’s certainly up there with the most epic paper plane throws of all time.The only comparable attempt came during a recent football match at Wembley in London.

On that occasion, a fan launched a paper airplane from the top of the stands only to see the plane graceful soar before swooping down and eventually coming into contact with a player on the pitch.

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