Video: Is This Football’s Most Horrific Leg Break Yet?

This leg break was so bad; you can actually hear the bone snap on the footage.

Football red cardImage Picture Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Football is a contact sport with injuries an unfortunate byproduct of this particular facet of the beautiful game.

Tackles will fly in, players will come in for a bruising and, unfortunately, bones will sometimes be broken.

Of course, there are some challenges that are just plain reckless and completely avoidable with Neil Taylor’s recent reducer on Ireland’s Seamus Coleman a prime example.

But as bad and ill-timed as the Wales defender’s tackle was, it’s arguably got nothing on the challenge made by goalkeeper Kenneth Udjus put in on striker Yassin Rfiffi during a Norwegian third division fixture between YMCA and Asker.

With YMCA 3-2 on Asker, Rfiffi latched on to a through ball into the Asker box. But before he could get to the ball, YMCA shot-stopper Udjus nipped in ahead of his with his momentum taking him clean through the advancing forward.

The result was a horrific collision and the audible snap of Rfiffi’s leg after coming into contact with the goalkeeper, who was immediately shown a red card.


Commenting on the incident during an interview with Norwegian channel TV2, Udjus was clearly devastated at what had happened and expressed his sincerest apologies”

“It’s as bad as it gets. It was painful to watch,” the goalkeeper said, speaking to Norwegian outlet 

“I have not seen the video of the incident, but it was a shock. I’m very, very sorry now. Of course I had no bad intentions.

“I have been too late in duels on trainings and games countless times, but it has never gone wrong before. He stood with his foot on the ground and I did everything wrong with the timing.”

Rfiffi suffered a double-facture as a result of the collision. He has since undergone surgery and is now recovering with a lengthy spell on the sidelines more than likely.

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