Video: Irish fans serenade an unsuspecting nun with ‘Our Father’ chant

The Irish fans sang to the unsuspecting nun on a train to Bordeaux

Celtic v Rangers Preview
Celtic delight Their home fans create quite the atmosphere. Image Photo Julian Finney/Getty Images

The Irish fans have been slowly but surely taking over France with their sense of humour and general goodwill going down very well with locals and other travelling fans alike. 

The European Championships are in full flow with the Irish fans front and centre even during the down days where they travel between cities. 

A group of Irish fans who are on their way to support the boys in green on Saturday spotted an unsuspecting nun on a train where they decided to serenade her with a religious chant.

The group from Ballinteer in Dublin launched into song with bemused passengers laughing along with the nun who found it hilarious. The video which originally was sent into, is quickly gathering fans of its own. 

The team itself kicked off it’s Euro 2016 campaign yesterday with a 1-1 draw in Paris against Sweden, after an own goal from Ciaran Clark in the dying moments of the game stopped Ireland from picking up what would have been a very important win in terms of the rest of the tournament. 

The result didn’t stop Ireland fans enjoying themselves with many partying on into the night even amidst the backdrop of fan violence across the country. 

Last week prior to the kick off of the tournament England and Russia fans clashed in Marseille, whilst there were also clashes with Poland, German, Ukraine and Northern Ireland fans across the country. 

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