Video: All-Out Brawl Breaks Out During US High School Basketball Game

"I've never been to a cage fighting, but it almost felt like it seemed like cage fighting."

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They love sports in the US and not just professional sports either, but sports at pretty much every level.

In fact, some Americans love sports so much some are ready to go to war over them, as footage from a mass brawl involving players and supporters from both sides at a high school basketball game demonstrates.

Captured by concerned onlooker and parent Stacey Nolen, the video has accumulated over 100,000 views on Facebook, with the clip showcasing the end of what she describes as ’20-25 seconds of pandemonium’.


The incident took place during the closing stages of a high school game between Katy and Tompkins, two Texas-based teams with bad blood between them.

According to various reports, things came to a head as a game in which players and onlookers traded insults throughout drew to a conclusion.

While no parents or coaches were involved, it is thought that players and fans from both sides were involved in a series of ugly encounters, with fists flying to an alarming degree.

Stacey Nolen (Far left) Image Stacey Nolen/Facebook

“I’ve never been to a cage fighting, but it almost felt like it seemed like cage fighting. In a sense, if you have so many people pulling in so many different ways,” Nolen told KPRC 2.

While no one was left seriously injured, district officials said they held an emergency meeting the day after the brawl to determine what action needed to be taken.

A statement from the Katy Independent School District said:

“At Katy ISD, the safety of all students and staff is top priority, and we will work to ensure these types of incidents do not occur again. We ask parents to join us as we use this as an opportunity to teach our students better sportsmanship and self-discipline.” is now reporting that several suspensions have now been handed out as a result of the mass scrap. See guys, violence never solves anything.

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