Vicky Pattison exclusive: ‘Men just want to be my friend’

The I'm A Celeb winner says she can't find a fella because no-one wants to date a bird who can outdrink them.

Vicky Pattison Ann Summers
Vicky Pattison posing for Ann Summers. Would she approve? Image Picture Ann Summers

I’m A Celebrity champ Vicky Pattison is riding on the crest of a rather impressive wave, and looking better than ever to boot.

Best known for her stint on Geordie Shore before storming to victory on I’m A Celeb in November, has managed to turn things around massively, not least in terms of her lifestyle.

Recent weeks have seen Vicky photographed out with model Alex Bowen, and looking at these pictures, you’d assume men would be beating down her door to ask her out.

“Pink bikini pics when I was caught sucking off a Solero. They were the end for me”

Vicky, however, says it simply isn’t so.

“I wish,” the 28-year-old insists.

“I think men are intimidated, and to be honest I’m just a total geezer. So they just want to be my friend. No man wants to date a bird who can outdrink them.”

Vicky Pattison Loaded
Total geezer? We think not, Vicky. Image Picture by James Rudland / Mokkingbird

The quick-witted Geordie, who surely must now have now eclipsed Cheryl Fernandez-Versini as the nation’s favourite Geordie sweetheart, has just launched her new subscription-only fitness lifestyle plan available online.

And Vicky is the first to admit that it’s not long since she was residing firmly on the opposite spectrum of healthy. Incessant nights on the town and partying with her Geordie Shore mates led to the pounds piling on.

The lowest point?

“There were pictures on the beach in Marbella,“ she recalls.“Pink bikini pics when I was caught sucking off a Solero. They were the end for me, I will never go back there.“

Now a healthy size 8, Vicky shed the pounds with the help of nutritionists and a grueling fitness regime. Although reality stars have come in for criticism in the past for releasing fitness based products, Vicky is adamant she knows enough to pass on her knowledge.

Vicky Pattison Loaded
Fit Vicky has been working hard at the gym. Image Picture by James Rudland / Mokkingbird

And judging from these images, the proof is in the pudding. Or lack of it.

“Part of being a reality TV star is to look a certain way,” she admits. “I’ve found a way to look good and feel great, and have gained a certain knowledge of nutrition and fitness. 

“I’m no nutritionist but I have had had training from some of the most experienced people in this field. I’ve had nutritionists and personal trainers.”

Vicky Pattison Loaded
"I'll take the stairs" Vicky strikes a pose. Image Picture by James Rudland / Mokkingbird

College educated Vicky adds: “I’ve made a conscious effort to educate myself. It doesn’t matter what my job is, I can still be knowledgeable on a subject and I’m proof that it has worked and know what I’m talking about.”

Her new business, mini V On Demand, is a lifestyle fitness plan that subscribers can access through their phones, and Vicky is chuffed with it, saying: “On it are workouts, recipes, my range of products … the lot. I’m so pleased with it, it’s a dream come true and I just hope lasses out there love it.”

Vicky Pattison Mini V Nutrition is available from


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