Vegans Beware! These Wacky Greeting Cards Are Edible And MEAT FLAVOURED

Now you won't have to worry about what to do with piles of greeting cards...

The future of greeting cards is here and it's delicious... Image Moonpig

Card company Moonpig has launched EDIBLE father’s day cards sure to sate dad’s appetite.

The meat-flavoured greeting cards or “meating cards” are made from rice paper infused with edible scents and ink, they also come in two different flavours.

The choices include BBQ and spicy-hot, but veggie dads need not worry as both are fine for those living a meat-free life.

Even better the hand drawn cards are smoked with hickory chips to give them “a full and authentic flavour.” Meanwhile, the spicier version of the cards is seasoned with cayenne pepper for a little fire.

Moonpig Launches World's First Edible Meat Flavoured Cards for F

We’re not sure how it would taste since rice paper is mostly tasteless and cardboard-like. Hopefully, the flavour injection will give it the kick needed to knock dad off his feet.

One blogger, Papa Pukka gave it a try and relayed their experience to Moonpig, “I never know what to do with old greeting cards, and I’m always ready for a meaty snack, so this is great.

Also, eating paper makes me feel like a spy, and this paper has a surprisingly full flavour.”

You can even dip the cards into a tapenade or two. Maybe pair them with a good IPA for dad to enjoy?

The quirky cards are limited edition, and you have to enter a competition to win them, but we admire the card company’s desire to be environmentally conscious since these cards are biodegradable and you’re saving a tree or two while eating them.

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