Vegans Are Hiding Notes In Packs Of Meat To Put People Off Eating It

Would one of these be enough to put you off a nice, juicy burger?

Burgers and cows.
Cows Where burgers come from.

What would it take to put you off eating meat for life? Would a look at the treatment of animals at the front-end of the process be enough? Or simply the reality what actually goes into the meat we eat every day?

Some vegans seem to think the best way to put you off a burger or sausage is to make things personal. Maybe that’s why reports are surfacing of non-meat eaters leaving guilt-laced notes inside packs of meat.

Camilla Moser got a nasty shock when she opened the pack of Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference burgers she had purchased for her dinner.

Alongside the label listing all of the ingredients and nutritional details. she found a picture of a cow, allegedly deceased, alongside a message that read “My name was Chloe, I wanted to live. Your ‘personal choice’ killed me! Don’t buy it.”

Though unconfirmed at this stage, it’s likely that the message has been left by a vegan rather than a vegetarian – vegetarians eat milk and eggs, both of which are often produced in cramped battery farm conditions.

Moser subsequently posted the image to Facebook, revealing that the message had been hidden underneath the external wrapping of the supermarket’s burgers.

Camilla Moser's Facebook page.

“I didn’t think opening my burgers this evening would be a meet and greet! FYI!” she wrote alongside the post.

The suspicion is that the message must have been left there at the Sainsbury’s meat packing plant and that there is a good chance that more notes of the same ilk could surface in the future.

It presents a potentially tricky problem.

On the one hand, meat-eaters should not necessarily be put under pressure to change their lifestyles in this way – meat has been part of a balanced diet for centuries and is consumed by billions across the globe.

But on the other hand, meat eaters should probably be a little more aware of the realities behind this industry and the harsh truth is that this message is only the tip of the iceberg.

Do you think the message was out of line though? Vote below.

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