Man Suffers Gruesome Injury After Deadly Vagina ‘BIT’ Penis During Sex

A common procedure went very wrong for this lady...

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A routine surgery to improve one woman’s sex life turned her nether region into a penis biting disaster that recently claimed its first victim. 

After suffering from stress incontinence after giving birth, 50-year-old Theresa Bertram from Brighton struggled to enjoy sex. As a result, she went without intimacy for seven years, until eventually biting the bullet and receiving surgery to repair her damaged bladder.

This involved placing a plastic mesh sling referred to as transvaginal tape to stop her weeing herself. At the time, it worked like a charm, and she had no problems in the bedroom either.

That all changed one night, during sex, when her partner yelled out in pain. The carnage left behind looked like something had taken a bite out his manhood.

“His willy was bright red and spouting blood. There was a big red stain spreading between us on the sheets. After that, he was scared of my lady garden and approached it as if it was a Venus flytrap, and he was a bluebottle,” she told The Sun.

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Soon split as a result, and Theresa was left wondering how all this happened. She suspected it was due to the mesh inside her but every doctor she went to refuted this claim.

As the years went by, her health began to decline until one morning when she woke up in a terrible state. She was finally reexamined.

It turns out her mesh was the source of the problem, as it had fused itself to her pelvis, becoming hard and jagged. This discovery explained the teeth that ripped her ex-boyfriend’s penis a new one.

Unfortunately when the mesh was removed, it left Theresa with permanent damage. The mesh procedure she received years ago has since been banned in Scotland due to the myriad problems it’s caused for numerous women like Theresa.

Now she is fighting to have the operation prohibited in England, so more women will be saved from her fate. 

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