US High School senior goes viral after ugly naked guy photobomb

He was just out walking his dog and happened to have no clothes on.

Friends poking Ugly Naked Guy
Another ugly naked guy. But you can actually see this one. Image Picture NBC

School is supposed to be a time you look back on with a sense of wistful nostalgia and some heavy-duty rose-tinted spectacles.

But, for Oregon High School student Jillian Henry, the chances are that those formative years could well be dominated by a single lasting image and it’s of a ugly naked guy and his rather lost looking dog.

Keen to mark the start of her senior year and the time before she heads of the college and those difficult years that follow, Henry decided to pose for a special picture, intended for her parents to look back on for years to come.

And look back they most certainly will, after the 17-year-old found her hand-picked serene setting of the banks of the Willamette River disturbed by a naked man and his dog emerging, rather disturbingly, from a nearby bush.

Lillian Henry's rather rude tweet.

Thankfully, Henry and her close friend and photographer Elena Nesbit saw the funny side, with the resulting snaps uploaded to social media.

Over 23,000 retweets and 72,000 likes on Twitter later and Henry has found herself an overnight sensation with interviews and media appearances following as a result.

“I never expected it to get that big,” she told Oregon Live, in a comment that could definitely be misconstrued by some.

“It’s kinda crazy when you think about how many people have seen that picture of you and that’s it’s a topic of conversation across the country.”

Hmm. Can’t imagine its been a topic of conversation in the White House but, Obamas aside, there has been plenty of internet chatter.

One thing is for sure: she’s never going to forget her senior year now.

Not sure what happened to the naked guy involved though and the various questions his appearance raise like: does he live there? Is he always naked? If not, did he get naked as part of a pre-planned photobomb? And if so, why? That’s really weird.

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