Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Are Putting Millions Of People Off Sex

The entire nation's been suffering from electile dysfunction.

US election 2016: Donald Trump v Hillary Clinton
Electile disfunction? Donald Trump v Hillary Clinton Image Getty Images

The US election is closing in on the finish line, and the fate of the country, and indeed the world, currently hangs in the balance.

The long-term future of the free world is at stake, but the election is also having a more damaging short-term effect than we realised.

It’s been revealed that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton could be putting millions of people off sex, as election pressures are having a dramatic effect on the nation’s libido.

A new survey by has claimed that the stress of choosing who to vote for is forcing people into a sexual slump.

The results are pretty staggering – a total of 19% of Democratic women surveyed reported that their sex lived had suffered in the run up to the election.

Donald Trump and Hillary Trump
The next US President? What do Europeans actually make of Trump and Hillary? Image Getty Images

Its not just Democrats that are feeling the effects either. 9% of Republican women also stated that their sex lived had taken a hit.

The results are pretty comprehensive too, as a total of 928 female users of fertility app Kinadra were surveyed.

So, not only are Trump and Clinton dividing the entire nation this election, their also putting potentially millions of US citizens off sex. Thanks for nothing guys…

Meanwhile, it was recently revealed that the majority of adult movie fans are backing Donald Trump in the election.

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