Unveiling Of First Female ‘Doctor Who’ Sparks Fury On Twitter

Seriously, some guys have zero chill.

The new Doctor Who, Jodie Whittaker.
Jodie Whittaker the new Doctor Who. Image Getty

As surely as night follows day, the announcement of the first ever female Doctor Who was always likely to prompt a sexist backlash online.

And so it came to pass, in the hours immediately following Jodie Whittaker’s unveiling as the 13th Time Lord, that a flurry of tweets pouring scorn on the casting of a female in the role duly arrived.

In a depressing show of strength, countless fans took to social media to condemn the BBC’s progressive approach to the series.

A lot of people went for the straightforward “throw the toys out of the pram” tactic, deciding they would no longer be watching the show as a result of the change, having made their decision despite not seeing a single minute of Whittaker in action as the Doctor …

Others, meanwhile, pointed to the Doctor’s official title as a means of backing up their fundamentally flawed argument …

Never mind that, as well as being a Time LORD, Doctor Who is also thousands of years old, can shape-shift and has two hearts – they must be played by a man at all times!

Meanwhile, one guy bravely took it upon himself to ban his son from watching the show ever again, lest he get ideas about women doing men’s jobs!

And there was even time for a mention of the good old PC brigade, who had apparently played a part in this fresh and thoroughly forward thinking approach to this coveted TV role…

And let’s not forget there were even some oh-so-hilarious Doctor Who memes…


Thankfully there was plenty of support for the casting of Whittaker, with several well-timed tweets that perfectly summed up the mood of anyone with half a brain.

And, personally speaking, loaded can’t wait to see Whittaker take on the role. After 12 male doctors, it’s a long overdue and exciting shift. Hopefully the first of many to come!

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