The unseen Simpsons script featuring Prince

The Purple One rejected the script given to him by producers of The Simpsons.

The Simpsons Prince
Purple reign Prince previously appeared briefly in the show.

He was fiercely protective of his image, and it has now emerged that not even the creators of The Simpsons could manage to get Prince to give the go-ahead for an episode all about him.

Executive producer Al Jean has released a number extracts from a planned episode of The Simpsons, which hard-taskmasker Prince predictably rejected.

Although he made a brief cameo in Treehouse of Horror XIX, the music icon never had his own episode, even though it has now been revealed that there was one written just for him.

The first extract of the previously unseen script sees Lisa frantically search for tickets to see a concert, but her attempts are ruined by a pesky spider.

The next scene sees Marge’s chain-smoking sister Selma reveal that she is a huge fan of the star and that she has seen all of his movies. The lady-loving Purple One later takes Selma arm in arm, as Marge frowns.

Exec producer Jean admitted under the post on Twitter that this scene was “possibly another objection Prince had to the script”.

In a final extract, the singer hands Lisa a cassette tape, telling her that he wrote her a song for her a birthday. An exasperated Lisa responds: “Another birthday song? For once couldn’t i just get a dollar or a bicycle for Christ’s sake?”

Swearing certainly wasn’t something that the American and devout Jehovah’s Witness was in favour of either…

The Purple One Prince was famously protective of his material. Image Getty Images

He then goes on to give Bart a phone number for his former girlfriend Vanity (who also died this year at the age of 57).

Prince never gave the go-ahead for the episode, and the scripts had remained lost until a worker on the show rediscovered them and handed them to Al Jean at the weekend.

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