Huge Unidentified Object Falls From The Sky And It Could Be Alien

Is this the first wave?

Independence Day: Resurgence
Alien attack The apocalypse is coming in Independence Day: Resurgence. Image 20th Century Fox

A huge unidentified object has fallen from the sky in Myanmar and nobody is able to say with complete certainty exactly what it is.

Military? Satellite? Extra-terrestrial?! According to the Myanmar Times, resident of Myanmar village Lone Khin, Ko Maung Myo, said that this giant cylinder fell to Earth around 6am on November 10.

Local authorities are yet to confirm exactly what it is, but all signs point to some kind of aircraft part and – hopefully – not the first sign of an incoming alien apocalypse.

“Every local thought it was the explosion of heavy artillery,” said Myo. “I think it was an engine because I found a diode and many copper wires at the tail of the body. It also looks like a jet engine block.”

Fortunately, there were no injuries from the incident, although the object did crash very close to two tents where jade miners were sleeping.

As reported by Metro, deputy director U Zaw Myo Nyunt of the Kachin State government said experts are currently on site “checking it” to figure out exactly what it is.

One expert from Myanmar’s Department of Civil Aviation claimed that the object wasn’t an engine, instead a rocket booster used for getting satellites out of the atmosphere and into space.

Whatever it is, let’s hope it’s not the first wave.

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