Unethical Life Hacks: Dodgy Life Tips You Didn’t Know You Needed

Ethics, Schmethics

When defined, ethics are moral principles that govern a person’s behaviour or the conducting of an activity. It’s not illegal to be unethical, mostly frowned upon.

But if you have made a choice in life to be a little bit unscrupulous, then loaded has a pile of information for you via the good old inter-web.

The website unethicalhacks.com is full of varied and somewhat offensive tidbits of information geared at getting through life a little bit wickedly. 


Having trouble lugging a bag all over a new destination? Never fear we have a solution. 


We’ll call this one, The Craigslist (like Gumtree for America) Job Caper.


You can binge watch during that pesky layover while everyone else reads. Books, yuck. 


Calling Dr. Liar Pants On Fire? 


We’ll call this one the Orangutan operation. 


You can probably only do this once a year


We’ve all been there, splish. 


This one, might get you a little arrested 


Go forth hooligans! 

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