The UK’s Biggest UFO Hotspot Has Finally Been Revealed

The United Kingdom’s very own Area 51 has been uncovered by experts

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The location of the UK’s very own version of Area 51, the stretch of land in Nevada, US that is supposedly home to any number of UFO sightings, has been revealed.

UFO sightings are becoming increasingly commonplace in the UK, with any number of strange and difficult to explain sightings leaving sceptics and believers alike similarly baffled.

New data published by The Sun has revealed the UK’s various UFO hotspots, based on documented reports of strange flying objects.

According to the research, since the early 1900s there have been 104,947 reports of unidentified flying objects across the world, with around a tenth of those occurring in the UK.

The most notable location for spotting UFOs in the UK, according to the study, is a surprising one too with the small Scottish town of Bonnybridge in Falkirk coming out on top.

Bonnybridge Seems harmless enough

On average, the town sees around 300 UFO sightings a year and has long been established as a hot spot for alien encounters as respected author and expert Malcolm Robinson previously explained to loaded.

Robinson, who is the founder of Strange Phenomena Investigations, told us the following:

“It all started when local councillor Billy Buchanan started getting approached by people that had seen mysterious shapes in the sky.

“Rather than brush them off, he decided to try and find out what was going on. It soon became clear that this town was attracting all manner of strange flying objects and lights.

“This town was on a flight path to Glasgow airport but these people knew the difference between aircraft navigation lights and what was being seen and these sightings didn’t come from just anybody either – these were policeman, hospital workers and respected academics.

“Over the years we have petitioned several Prime Ministers to investigate but they’ve always come back with the same message, that these objects represented no threat so no inquest is required. It’s bloody shocking – these objects were so close.”

Bonnybridge isn’t the only town to be highlighted as a UFO sightings hotspot either with Newbiggin-by-the-Sea in Northunderland and even Cardiff cited in the research.

Anyone fancy a holiday up in Scotland?

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