The search for the UK & Ireland’s ‘Sexiest Armpit’ Has Begun

And there's a £2,000 cash reward up for grabs.

WHAT MAKES an armpit sexy?

That’s the rather unusual question being asked in the wake of news that a leading deodorant company is on the hunt for the sexiest armpit in the UK and Ireland.

More importantly, they are willing the pay the lucky owner a whopping £2,000 for their troubles while making them the focal point of a new advertising campaign.

The unusual talent search has been put together by Procoal London, a natural activated charcoal deodorant designed to help combat our sweaty day-to-day lives.

But in order to truly showcase the unique benefits of their product, they need a sexy armpit to show it off.

Not only will the winner receive a tidy £2,000 cash prize, they will also be offered the chance to strike a pose with their pits as part of the company’s next advertising campaign.

Anyone eager to test their pits for a chance at the ultimate underarm surprise needs to submit an image via email by September 30th.

Take a few snaps of the aforementioned arm area and send them to

Lighting, angles, and backgrounds should all be considered during your audition shoot.

All applicants will then be assessed before a winner is crowned a week later and contacted by email.

It’s important that applicants are aware that if they win their image will be used and highlighted throughout the campaign.

Therefore, it’s advisable to only use an image they have the right to. Also, try to avoid including anyone else in the image.

It won’t do your application any favours and looks, well, weird.

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