The UK’s Hottest Curry Has Been Uncovered And It’ll Bring You To Tears

The “Hellfire Phaal” is twice as hot as a Vindaloo.

A selection of curry dishes.
Curry Damn, that looks good. Image Just Eat

A contender for the UK’s hottest curry has emerged and, if the stories surrounding this super-hot culinary creation are to be believed, this bad boy is not one to trifle with.

Everyone knows how it goes in a curry house – there’s always that one mate who insists on having the hottest thing on the menu as part of some sort of masculine show of strength. They usually end up regretting it. Maybe not there and then but later, when they are all alone. And usually on the toilet.

In any case, a new contender to the crown of the UK’s hottest curry has emerged and it sounds like it’ll blow your head off.

It’s called the “Hellfire Phaal” and is said to be twice as spicy as a standard vindaloo. It’s also made using chillies not found in your everyday supermarket. A dozen chillies, to be precise, alongside a heady mix of hell-like hot spices that mean chefs preparing the dish have to don protective gloves and eyewear.

It’s part of a unique collaboration between UberEATS and Indian Restaurant Tuk Tuk, which the super-spicy dish set to be made available throughout National Curry Week, which runs from October 9 to 15.

Tuk Tuk Chef Deepak Sapkota, 31, said: “This curry isn’t your madras or vindaloo, this is much hotter. In fact, we have never served a curry this hot before here at Tuk Tuk. We know our guests love spice as they’re always asking for an extra chilli here and there so we’re thrilled to be able to create this never before seen curry with UberEATS.

“The chillies in this dish can’t be found in mainstream shops, you’ll have to hunt them down in specialist ones or just order my creation using the app.My secret weapon is always lemon juice, it sounds simple, but it’s a chef’s best friend when creating curry.

“I’ve been cooking traditional curries for over 12 years. I first learnt how from my family in Nepal. I love Nepalese cooking and use a lot of those tricks in my methods today.”

The new addition comes after Glasgow was named Britain’s spice capital in a new study, which claimed Indian food fans in Scotland’s city like their dishes hotter than anyone else in the UK.

Southampton finished second in the poll, just ahead of Cambridge, Cardiff, and Liverpool.
The top 10 ran as follows:

1. Glasgow
2. Southampton
3. Cambridge
4. Cardiff
5. Liverpool
6. Manchester
7. Birmingham
8. London
9. Plymouth
10. Bristol

The study also revealed Tikka masala was the most popular dish, with the full top 10 running as follows:

1. Tikka masala
2. Korma
3. Madras
4. Jalfrezi
5. Rogan josh
6. Bhuna
7. Balti
8. Biryani
9. Tandoori
10. Vindaloo

Do you have what it takes to try the Hellfire Phaal though?

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