The UK’s Football Accumulator Jackpot Hotbed Revealed To Be…Warrington

It turns out they know more about football in Warrington than they do in Liverpool and Manchester.

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Warrington is not a town you would immediately associate with football but new data suggests it could be the place to be for those seeking big betting accumulator wins.

Every Saturday up and down the land, football fans partake in the time-honoured tradition of the acca. Best enjoyed in moderation, punters are tasked with picking four or more teams to win based on form, statistics and, on a few occasions, gut feeling. And while that might sound easy, it turns out certain regions are more successful than most.

According to a data request from, fans in the town of Warrington have landed more low-stake accumulators with payouts of over £5,000 than any other part of the UK so far this season.

Cheshire certainly seems the place to be for gamblers too with nearby Ellesmere Port second in the study, with the data revealing one punter claimed a £6k payout from 45p stake, while another took home a whopping £24k from just £3.

The Rhondda in South Wales was next thanks, in no small part, to a win of almost £10,000 from £3 while Wolverhampton was in fourth place and Barnet was the most successful London region in the country.

A Ladbrokes spokesman said: “Football fans in Warrington must be doing their homework, or there must be something in the water there at least as more of their long odds football accumulators have come good than anywhere else in the UK this year. Punters there clearly have the magic touch when it comes to big wins.”

He added: “We take our hat off to the football punters of Shoreham as well as fans in the small town are doing far better at landing soccer jackpots than punters in nearly every other part of the country.”

Here’s the top 10 in full:


  1. Warrington (£15,345 from £15) £73,453
  2. Ellesmere Port (£23,918 from £3) £67,149
  3. The Rhondda, South Wales (£9,643 from £2) £56,862
  4. Wolverhampton (£6,018 from 60p) £42,302
  5. Barnet (£34,387 from £2) £39,743
  6. Burton-on-Trent (£15,628 from £15) £35,321
  7. Stockton-on-Tees (£9,968 from £20) £34,328
  8. Shoreham-by-Sea, East Sussex (£32,450 from £5) £32,450
  9. Bolton (£12,220 from £2) £18, 227
  10. Southampton (£7,456 from £5) £12,732
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