Are These The Ugliest Nike Trainers Of All-Time?

They call that colour olive but loaded has another, slightly less complimentary word for it.

Nike's latest sneaker.
Nike The latest look from the trainer kings. Image Nike

Nike has unveiled the latest version of its new Air Max trainer which come complete with a controversially crap colour scheme.

Previously known for its vibrant designs, the new Air Max Flair takes a somewhat different approach in that it’s arguably the dullest shoe to come from the trainer giants for quite some time.

Combining olive green with black to underwhelming effect, the new Air Max Flair is likely to be the go-to trainer for any over-60s seeking a cool pair of shoes to mow the lawn in.

Of course, there will be those who blindly follow the Nike brand, regardless of these kind of colour scheme slip-ups but loaded remains unconvinced.

Nike's latest sneaker.

With an olive green mesh design that disguises the giant “AIR” embroidered on the side, this thoroughly drab affair is unlikely to get even the most ardent of sneakerhead excited.

In fact, these new shoes arguably have more in common with those discount Silver Shadow trainers that are forever on sale in branches of discount sports shops up and down the land.

Nike's latest sneaker.

All of which begs the question as to why anyone in their right mind would shell out a substantial sum for this dull, but no doubt well-designed, pair of shoes.

Yes, olive and black may be good at hiding stains and other scuffs and marks but they hardly make for the most enthralling of looks – more like some sort of army-issue shoe created in conjunction with Nike as part of some ill-advised and, at this point fictional, fashion campaign.

Think Zoolander’s Derelicte but for the armed forces.

Nike's latest sneaker.

Also, few if anyone wears sneakers with those sorts of considerations in mind. They are made to be practical, but style remains a very, very important consideration.

Available to purchase online today, this could be one way to get all your mates talking about your footwear, though it may not be for the reasons you might have hoped.

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