UFO Stalker Is An Alien Sighting Website You Have To Check Out

They come in peace, and all over the place apparently

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Website UFO Stalker is the gift that keeps on giving. The forum for alien hunters describes itself as a ‘real time UFO tracking system based on the MUFON case management system. It gives an immediate view into worldwide UFO activity’.

Upon perusal of the site loaded can confirm it is, in fact, a sophisticated conclave of ‘alien tracking’. It features a detailed world map that covers many regions indicating the various sightings with little UFO icons.

According to the statistics regularly updated on the front page of UFO Stalker, there were 46 sightings last week alone, as well as 314 spots last month – worldwide. That’s far too many for our liking. 


UFO Stalker


Though, the most interesting part of the website has to be the user comments. Hunters, regular Joes, and unwitting victims go into detail about their supposed supernatural experiences.

It’s an addictive read though somewhat difficult to follow in parts, we expect the grammatical errors were caused by aliens messing with people’s brains. Nonetheless we’ve fixed up a few entries for your reading pleasure. Check them out below:

Alien Implant

 I was playing inside a ditch at the edge of the woods.  I suddenly but “slowly” became paralyzed. I couldn’t move my eyes or body and had the ability to keep standing upright. Seconds I felt a needle digging into my face. The whole time this was happening I was trying to move. After a minute, I was able to regain my movement and jerk my head away from the needle. After that, I felt my face, and there was no blood or pain. I didn’t look behind me or around. I simply got out of the ditch and walked back home. I didn’t know about aliens in 1987, and so I was confused by what had just happened to me. There are also other people’s stories about those woods; I learned many years later about an alien that wandered around there. My brother told me years later about seeing an alien standing behind a tree near the ditch. My mom was warned about something in the woods when we moved into the new house and was told not to go into the woods. Since then my memory of the event left me to wonder what happened to me. Now it’s 2017 and I’m hearing microwave frequency in my new area for about a year, and nobody else can listen to the frequency but me. It’s very organized and must be advanced military technology – microwave auditory. I think that the needle procedure was an alien implant. I believe that the alien implant can pick up microwave frequency from the military by “accident” just like an antenna. This led me to think that I truly have an alien implant deep in my face just under the cheek bone. I would like to be interviewed.


Not a Helicopter 

 My friends and I were fishing. I saw three weird disc-like objects moving in various directions. I thought it was a helicopter until it started moving in like a triangle formation and other formations. It was very bright it was red then orange then yellow, and they were making different shapes, and the took off into space. I felt very surprised and amazed. It went into space.


Two Booms

 I was in bed reading around 11.30pm when I heard a large boom from the rear garden below my bedroom. The noise sounded like a supersonic boom but not as loud. I opened the curtains and saw at a distance of around 30 feet 2 distinct white globes hovering directly over a 6ft high ranch fence approx 6 inches above the fence side by side about 2 feet apart. I felt like the objects were examining the fence and after around 10 seconds the objects took off diagonally without a sound over our house at enormous speed without any noticeable acceleration. I checked the fence the day after and noted that the painted white fence had brown marks in the area where the objects had been similar to what would happen if a blowtorch had been played over the paint. I did not report the matter due to fear of ridicule given my previous experience.


Based on the website’s stats – London has seen a fair few aliens this week, mostly around the theatre district.
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