The Strange UFO Conspiracy Of Russia’s ‘800 Million-Year-Old Woman’

Footage has emerged of the mysterious woman, perfectly preserved in 1969.

UFO Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Image Columbia Pictures

Alien hoaxes can and often do happen, but the mystery surrounding the discovery of the body of a woman purporting to be almost 800 million years old is something altogether different.

Too random to be orchestrated by someone seeking to mislead and deceive, footage claiming to have been filmed back in 1969 has found its way online and it has one hell of a story attached.

As reported by UFO Sightings Daily, the footage claims to have come from a strange discovery made in the small village of Rzhavchik Tisulskago, in the Kemerovo region of Russia back in September 1969.

During stripping work in a nearby coal mine, a worker uncovered an elaborate marble casket located some 70 metres below the earth’s surface.

Worked stopped while the casket was brought to the surface, but it was only when examined in the cold light of day that things got strange. Very strange.

Contained within a mysterious putty like substance, the outer shell effectively melted away to reveal a coffin filled to the brim with what witnesses described as a pink-blue crystal clear liquid.

Check out the footage below (unfortunately it’s mostly in Russian):

Inside the container lay a slim, unusally beautiful woman believed to been around the age of thirty. Wearing a white lace dress embroidered by flowers, she appeared peaceful and serene – and here’s the strange part.

On closer inspection, it was noted that her head was resting on a small, black rectangular box measuring anywhere between 10 and 25cm in size. More importantly, the position where she was discovered coupled with her clothing had some claiming she could be anywhere up to 800-million-years-old.

For some 15 hours, locals visited the strange artefact, in wonder at the mysteries contained within. How had her coffin ended up 70 metres below the surface? Was she a remnant of the past or someone from the future? And what of the liquid her body was preserved in?

Unfortunately for those involved, the authorities had their own questions too and in less than 24 hours they had swept in, to not only take the woman for further investigation but also to quarantine all those who had come into contact with the strange casket.

So what can we deduce from this? Well, according to UFO Sightings Daily contributor Scott C. Waring, quite a lot, with the conspiracy theoriest suggesting the liquid could have been part of some kind of “alien technology [that] could keep us young forever.”

“This was an alien woman, and she was preserved inside a stone-like capsule with liquid inside, the liquid would have been studied, and eventually found to be regenerating,” he added.

A bold, far-fetched theory perhaps but one that could yet prove to hold water.

With secrecy continuing to dominate the world of Russian politics and plenty in the way of classified documents likely to remain for the foreseeable future it seems that while the truth may be out there, we are unlikely to find it any time soon.

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