UFC star badly wants to fight WWE’s Sasha Banks

This is a bout we'd pay to see...

WWE Sasha Banks UFC Cat Zingano
One-way feud WWE's Sasha Banks vs UFC's Cat Zingano? Image Instagram/SashaBanks/Twitter/AlphaCatZingano

It’s fair to say the worlds of UFC and WWE don’t quite mix.

When Conor McGregor isn’t spouting off about John Cena, you’ve got Brock Lesnar – a man with a foot in both camps – stirring things up between the two sets of athletes.

Now there’s another feud to add to the list: UFC women’s bantamweight brawler Cat Zingano vs WWE women’s champ Sasha Banks. Although for the moment it’s entirely one-way…

As reported by Maxim, Banks tweeted out a message goading her rivals because they’re “not willing to bleed” for her championship belt.

Zingano then jumped in to take a pot shot at Banks and WWE as a whole, writing that her potential opponent would have to be “down for some realness”.

How’s that for a dig at the amount of pretending happening in pro wrestling?

So far Banks hasn’t responded to Zingano’s comment. Clearly the focus is on her Women’s Hell In a Cell match with Charlotte Flair this Sunday.

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