WATCH: UFC fighter teaches adult stars how to brawl

Featuring the rear naked choke hold.

Britney Amber and Nikki Benz UFC
Fighters Britney Amber and Nikki Benz learned MMA. Image Instagram/britney_amber/nikkibenz

The worlds of UFC and pornography have collided in spectacular fashion, with welterweight Lorenz Larkin taking on the role of MMA coach to a pair of high-profile adult stars.

Larkin has followed up his UFC obliteration of Neil Magny earlier this year by showing Nikki Benz and Britney Amber his best moves.

The nine-minute video checks off all the basics like jabbing, the push-kick, the rear low-kick and the rear naked choke hold.

The clip comes courtesy of Trendzz, the safe for work news offshoot site of adult entertainment behemoth Brazzers.

However, the mix of an elite athlete and XXX actors led to some fairly risky discussion.

“Oh my God that feels so good. I like getting choked when I get f*cked,” joked Nikki. “Sorry, I was getting totally carried away.”

Was it all worth while, though. According to Nikki, the answer is an emphatic yes.

“I learned a lot,” she mused. “I feel like I can definitely go to a local Starbucks and kick somebody’s ass.”

Watch UFC’s Lorenz Larkin coach Nikki Benz and Britney Amber below:

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