UFC Fighter Poos Herself On Live TV During Choke Hold Escape

Thankfully Justine Kish saw the funny side after the match.

Justine Kish Image Twitter

Justine Kish earned herself a special place in UFC history after accidentally pooing herself during a fight watched by millions across the world.

Kish was competing in only her third UFC fight against fellow strawweight Felice Herrig when the unforgettable incident occurred.

The bout, which was on the main card of UFC Fight Night 112 in Oklahoma City, saw Herrig dominate from start to finish, claiming the victory on a unanimous decision from the judges.

However, come the end of the bout, it was Kish rather than Herrig who had grabbed all the headlines following one truly astonishing moment in the third round of the fight.

In deep trouble heading into the final few seconds of that round, Herrig had Kish facing a deep round near-naked choke, only for something truly extraordinary to happen.

Quick as a flash, Kish exploded out of the hold and into a relatively safe position – but it turned out that wasn’t the only thing to explode. And this particular explosion had left her anything but safe.

UFC screenshotEvidently, in straining to get out of the hold, Kish had accidentally defecated all over the Octagon floor and fans across the world didn’t know whether to laugh, cry or just look at the mess she left behind.

UFC Screenshot 2

It was a sporting moment for the ages and one to rival Gary Lineker’s own moment of poo-based skulduggery at the 1990 World Cup.

UFC screenshot.

Fortunately, Kish later saw the funny side, taking to twitter to crack wise on the topic alongside the hashtag #ShitHappens. 

It’s probably also worth mentioning that this sort of thing is quite common in UFC and really shouldn’t be ridiculed all that much. loaded is still going to ridicule it, but it’s still probably worth pointing out.

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