Uber Is Planning To Introduce FLYING CARS In 2020

Soon we'll be taking to skies around major cities

blade runner
Looks like Blade Runner was onto something... Uber flying cars Image Warner Bros.

Uber has big plans for 2020; they’re taking their fleet to the skies in the form of FLYING CARS.

Blade Runner’s vision of the future will be a reality when we begin being picked up by a hovering Uber outside the bar.

The ride share company announced that the world’s first flying cars would debut in Dubai and Dallas by 2020.


How will they do this? Before the cars can take to the air, Uber must do battle with the FAA, whose sole purpose is to manage American airspace.

According to Wired, Uber plans to “play the role of a catalyst, spurring manufacturers to build the aircraft, the FAA to figure out the regulations, and cities to wave them in.”

Seems reasonable enough and Uber has begun the process, meeting with companies in both Texas and Dubai to start discussing the proper placement of ‘vertiports’ within a city’s infrastructure to charge the aircraft.

They’ve also signed with five companies who are currently creating vertical takeoff and landing transportation.


Then there’s the backing of incredibly wealthy Dubai who will pretty much OK anything that looks fancy and high tech. They’re not known for being discerning.

Fort Worth, Texas is also keen on a collaboration with Uber; Mayor Betsy Price stated that they are more than excited to collaborate with the company, but dealing with air traffic regulations is up to them.

At the end of the day, it’s down to the powers that be to give the yay or nay to Uber who feel like three years is a good time frame to get it all up, up and running. Would make getting to work a whole lot easier.

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