Two Students Went To North Korea To Get A Haircut And Prove A Point

Are the crazy rumours about 'haircut laws' in Korea true?

North Korea haircut
North Korea haircut Not everything we read about the country is true... Image YouTube/Boy Boy

There are all sorts of myths and rumours we hear about life in North Korea, and some of it invariably ends up being untrue.

While we can safely say that they have some of the weirdest TV you’ll ever watch in your life, it’s long been reported that the country is extremely strict about which hairstyles the population is allowed to have.

As it turns out, this could be completely untrue…

In an attempt to show that we shouldn’t believe everything we read about life in North Korea, two students from Sydney visited the country with the express intention of getting their hair cut.

Aleksa Vulovic and Alex Apollonov, aged 24 and 25 respectively, took a flight to see it the rumours – that men and women are only allowed to choose from 14 hairstyles carefully selected by the government – were true.

It was recently reported that Kim Jong-un’s hairstyle is copyrighted, and no-one else is allowed to have the severe short back and sides that the leader favours.

While that may be true, it doesn’t seem to have stopped these two from getting sweet new ‘dos while visiting in the country.

The pair both shelled out $2,000 for a government group tour a last year, before booking into a hairdressers recommended by their guide.

While you might expect their choices of style were limited, Aleksa found that his hairdresser had no objections after he showed her a picture of ‘hipster’ style, which was definitely not on the alleged list of 14 legal styles.

North Korea haircut
North Korea haircut Image YouTube/Boy Boy

The hairdresser did a pretty top job too, wirh Aleksa saying: “It was better than any haircut I’ve ever had in Australia.”

After the experience, Aleksa said: “It proves that readers should be more critical of mainstream media coverage of the country.”

Maybe we shouldn’t believe everything we read about North Korea after all…

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