Twitter Users Left INCREDIBLY Confused As Twin Peaks Returns

It's damn fine to be back in Twin Peaks... but what the hell is going on?

Twin Peaks season 3
Twin Peaks season 3 Kyle MacLachlan’s Special Agent Dale Cooper Image Showtime

Twin Peaks returned to our screens last night after 26 years away, and it was just as bonkers and confusing as you’d expect.

Showtime aired the long-awaited third season of the show on Sunday night (May 21), and Kyle MacLachlan’s Special Agent Dale Cooper was right in the thick of the action once again.

The pioneering David Lynch series was as strange, terrifying and intriguing as ever, and a LOT of fans were left incredibly confused by the whole thing – by hey, we’d expect nothing less from Twin Peaks, right?

(Warning: spoilers ahead)

The premise of the new season is this: Agent Cooper remains trapped in Black Lodge following the events of season two, while the rest of Twin Peaks go about their business 25 years after his disappearance.

While trapped in Black Lodge, Cooper encounters all kinds of bizarre inhabitants. There’s also a sub-plot about a man who’s forced to look after a box containing the entire New York skyline, which is weird enough on its own.

Oh, and someone transforms into a talking tree at one point… the whole thing was brilliant, but totally bonkers even by Twin Peaks standards.

Twitter was ablaze with reactions after the first two episodes of the season aired, and despite everyone loving the look and feel of the show, no-one really seemed to have clue what was going on.

Despite all the confusion, the verdict was overwhelmingly positive. After all, that’s part of what has always been so appealing about the show.

It was a damn fine return to Twin Peaks, and Twitter users loved the whole thing.

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