Twitter reacted to the new track from the Stone Roses and it was positive

The single 'Beautiful Thing' is a throwback to their old stuff

Image The Stone Roses

The Stone Roses released their second single in years, entitled ‘Beautiful Thing’, and if the masses weren’t happy with the first serving entitled ‘One for All’, the newest single had a far better reaction for Ian Brown and the guys.

The single, which was released last night, is a throwback to the earlier stuff by the Roses and ahead of their tour this summer, that news will be pleasing for the fans.

The band behind such hits as ‘I Wanna Be Adored’ and ‘Fools Gold’ play Manchester next week, head to America and the end of the month before they play Ireland in July.

The reaction online to the new single was positive with many fans keen to forget the first offering.

Some were just happy to see a new a Stone Roses song regardless of the song. 

Have a listen to the song to see what you think yourself.

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