David Beckham


‘Truly abysmal’ – Twitter tears into David Beckham over MLS team name

By Jack Beresford

September 05, 2018

David Beckham has unveiled the official name for his newly-formed Major League Soccer team – and it’s not gone down well with football fans.

Beckham first launched his plans for a Miami-based MLS franchise back in January.

Now the former England captain has revealed that the team will be named Club Internacional de Futbol Miami or Inter Miami CF, for short.

According to a club statement, the name aims to celebrate “a truly global location that welcomes and embraces all cultures and communities”.

Unfortunately, the name hasn’t been quite so well received with fans online.

Taking to Twitter, several of Beckham’s followers openly mocked the name.

“It sounds like FIFA Ultimate team name that some 10 year old thought of,” one wrote.

“After Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz why is David Beckham allowed to still name things? A truly abysmal name,” another added.

“Sounds like a five a side team,” a third chimed in.

One follower simply asked: “Did a 12 yr old playing Fantasy Football come up with the name?”

Few, if anyone, was impressed with the name.

“I’m assuming the name is a reference to Inter Milan,” one follower noted. “Did your team even research what ‘Inter’ means, or the origins of that abbreviation and its links to league bans/limits on international players decades ago? I highly doubt any of that applies to this club…”


The club emblem was also unveiled featuring a pair of herons – said to represent freedom – as its focal point.

“This is such a proud day for myself and for the entire team. It’s an honour to announce the new name and crest to our fans,” Beckham said.

“We are taking another important step in establishing our club and today marks an important moment in the history of Club Internacional de Futbol Miami.”