From Twin Peaks To Robocop: Miguel Ferrer’s Most Memorable Roles

The actor passed away at the age of 61 and was remembered for a host of TV and movie roles.

Miguel Ferrer as Agent Rosenfield in Twin Peaks.
Miguel Ferrer As Agent Rosenfield

Miguel Ferrer was an actor familiar to millions for a whole host of memorable roles both on the big and small screen.

A cousin of George Clooney, the 61-year-old passed away in his Los Angeles home after losing his battle with throat cancer and with his family at his side.

Clooney was among those to pay tribute to the actor, who carved out an impressive 36-year career in TV and film as a scene-stealing character actor and regular voiceover artist on a variety of games and popular animated series.

With that in mind, loaded is paying tribute to Ferrer with a look back at some of his best and most badass roles. R.I.P. Miguel – the world of entertainment is that bit poorer for losing you.


Bob Morton – Robocop

Let’s start with the role that made Ferrer famous. As ambitious OCP executive and Robocop creator Bob Morton, Ferrer was the perfect pastiche of the 1980s yuppie lifestyle, a cold-hearted coke-loving lunatic with dreams of turning RoboCop into a “bad motherfucker.”

That he met his demise in predictably grizzly circumstances only adds to the character’s brilliance.



Albert Rosenfield – Twin Peaks

After a decade spent guest-starring on shows like Magnum P.I., Hill Street Blues and Miami Vice, Ferrer got his first really meaty role as the uptight but enigmatic FBI agent Albert Rosenfield who not only assists Kyle McLachlan’s Agent Cooper along the way but also delivers one of the most astonishing monologues ever witnessed in the work of television.

The good news is that fans will get one last dose of Rosenfield in the upcoming Twin Peaks reboot series.


Commander Harbinger – Hot Shots! Part Deux

Proof that Ferrer could not only turn his hand to comedy but actually excel came in 1993’s Hot Shouts! Part Deux, a spoof sequel that improves on the original by instead focuses on the many tropes associated with Sylvester Stallone’s then-tired Rambo franchise.

Ferrer is first class as the hard-ass Harbinger who bounces off Charlie Sheen’s Topper Harley to hilarious effect and turns out to be quite an emotional guy. Full credit to Miguel for keeping a straight face throughout.



Eduardo Ruiz – Traffic

Steven Soderbergh’s drug-trafficking epic succeeds thanks to the work of a superb ensemble cast, which includes Ferrer as as a high-stakes dealer arrested and persuaded to give up his boss with dire consequences.

Forced into hiding and under protection from DEA agents, the race is then on for the cartel to get to Ruiz before he gives evidence against them. This is fine work from Ferrer once again, as a despicable character somehow resigned to his fate.



Wrong Turn At Tahoe

This straight-to-DVD crime thriller will have been missed by many but it’s worth a watch just for Ferrer’s performance alone as paranoid crime lord Vincent.

Joined by Cuba Gooding Jr as his trusted heavy, the pair embark on something of a rampage all the while searching for a drug dealer named Frankie Tahoe who wants to rub Vincent out and doesn’t care who stands in his way.


Dr Garret Macy – Crossing Jordan

The role of Dr Macy was exactly the kind of meaty, mainstream TV role Ferrer’s talents were crying out for.

A complex character and medical examiner, across 117 episodes he dealt with divorce, alcoholism and a daughter suffering with heroin addiction. Also known for his love of Jazz, Macy may rank as Ferrer’s most emotional role to date.


Owen Granger – NCIS Los Angeles

A late addition to the NCIS L.A gang from series three onwards, Ferrer was back in hard-ass official mode for this series which sees him arrive on the scene with a dark secret of his own.

Along the way he had to deal with assassination plots, an illegitimate daughter and a serial killer all while keeping as straight-faced as possible. The show won’t be the same without him.

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