Twerking Girl Inadvertently Causes Huge Crash In Shocking Viral Video

These are the most dangerous dance moves you've ever seen.

Girl twerking causes crash
Girl twerking Did she cause a crash? Image YouTube/Lion inc

Twerking has taken over the internet over recent years, and everyone from Nicky Minaj, Nicole Scherzinger and even Jeremy Clarkson getting in on the act.

However, a new video has been revealed which shows a more dangerous side to the craze.

Footage shot in Ukraine has begun circulating online, which shows a young woman inadvertently causing a huge crash by twerking.

The young woman in the video can be seen busting a move next to a main road.

Soon, a motorcyclist appears in the background, and appears to be distracted by what he sees, turning his head towards her.

A car then appears, and fails to notice the biker. The motorcyclist then collides with the car, sending him flying through the air.

As you might expect, the girl looks incredibly worried after the accident. A close up of the biker can also be seen in the clip.

It’s pretty shocking footage, but thankfully the motorcyclist survived the crash, despite suffering a broken pelvis and leg.

The clip has been viewed over 300,000 times online, and caused plenty of discussion in the comments section.

What can we learn from it? Well, basically, don’t twerk next to a busy main road. Got that?

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