TV station swamped with fake tip-offs that turn out to be Simpsons pranks

I, for one, welcome our new Simpsons online troll overlords…

The Simpsons loved by billions But not by Diego Maradona Image Fox

A dedicated bunch of online trolls with a particular love of The Simpsons have channelled their appreciation for all things Springfield into the kind of prank Bart would be proud of.

Using their near-encyclopedic knowledge of the Matt Groening show, the pranksters in question have been busy getting in touch with Australian television station 7 News.

The concept is simple enough – fans have been inundating the news channel with fake tip-offs that relate to specific moments from The Simpsons – but it is the execution, itself, that puts this a cut above your average prank phone call.

Originally posted on the Facebook page of Four Finger Discount, a popular Australian podcast focusing on The Simpsons, the gag has proven a hit with followers and the public alike.

Screen grab from Four Finger Discount
So it begins Initially the pranks were tame enough Image Image: Four Finger Discount/Andrew Schwebel
Anothr Four Finger Discount screen grab involving The Simpsons
Things escalate And soon tips from Simpsons fans were flooding in. Image Image: Four Finger Discount/Heath Rips Sims
Another classic
Another classic There's plenty of great material for Simpsons lovers. Image Image: Four Finger Discount/Ben Litho
A Simpsons screengrab
It never stops The Simpsons hits kept on coming. Image Image: Four Finger Discount/Mitchell Tronc
Simpsons screengrab Snake
Now it's getting weird When will The Simpsons madness end? Image Image: Four Finger Discount/Thomas James
Simpsons screen grab Lisa
Okay we like this one Ah blessed Simpsons gag memories Image Image: Four Finger Discount/Luke Hull
Screengrab from The Simpsons
Skinnnnerrr Ah Superintendent Chalmers... Image Image: Four Finger Discount

Soon enough, however, the good folk at 7 News appeared to grasp the ongoing gag that was unfolding at their expense and even joined in or at least tried to.

The Simpsons screen grab Bat
In on the joke 7 News attempted to get involved in the gags. Image Image: Four Finger Discount/Chris Chapman
Four Finger Discount screen grab
The Simpsons Apu screengrab
Remember this episode 7 News did Image Image: Four Finger Discount

Not that their involvement deterred fans from posting more Simpsons-related shenanigans and eventually it was left to one rather grumpy sounding administrator to put a stop to things.

Four finger discount screengrab
Not amused Won't somebody please think of the children Image Image: Four Finger Discount

Unfortunately, for Penny, by then it was too late with the prank spreading to other news broadcasters with entirely predictable results.

The Simpsons Grandpa Simpson
More gags Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow. Image Image: Four Finger Discount/Hans Zinsli
The Simpsons Mr Burns screengrab
Burns at his best Does anyone else kind of want to watch The Simpsons now? Image Image: Four Finger Discount/Josh Wilson

By the end of the day, the good folk behind Four Finger Discount were celebrating a victory for pranksters and Simpsons-focused trolls everywhere.

They even came up with their very own Mayor Joe Quimby-inspired meme to mark the occasion.

Four Finger Discount screengrab Joe Quimby
A classic We should have seen this coming. Image Image: Four Finger Discount Facebook

Having enjoyed some considerable success with this gag, like Bart Simpson calling Moe’s Tavern, we have a feeling that this could run on for some time now.

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