TV Station Blames “Satanic Trick” For Hardcore Adult Movie Broadcast

The film was shown on the Senegalese station in the middle of the day

Touba TV The offending channel Image Touba TV

God may well work in mysterious ways but it seems Satan is just a plain old horny beast, after getting the blame for an incident on Senegalese TV in which hardcore porn was broadcast in the middle of the day.

The incident occurred on Touba TV, a network known for showing sermons, theological discussions and a fair few prayer sessions among other similarly religious things. 

On this particular occasion, however, viewers were treated to a whopping 20 uninterrupted minutes of hardcore action that probably had a fair few onlookers taking the Lord’s name in vain. 

Once the station realised its mistake, the broadcast was cut. Never fear though, as the guys behind the scenes at Touba TV had an entirely plausible explanation as to who was involved – Satan.

A spokesperson for the channel explained:

“As a religious channel, the management of Touba TV and all our audience members are outraged and unreservedly condemn this criminal act which seems to be sabotage and a Satanic trick designed to undermine a channel which is known to stand for Islamic values and teachings.” 

One thing is for sure: whoever was behind the whole thing must be an utter wanker – why else would they have access to porn?

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