TV Host Comes Close To Instant Death During Live Experiment Gone Wrong

It was almost death by Coca-Cola on Studio 10 In Australia.

Natarsha Belling
That was close.

It’s not every day that you witness someone come perilously close to instantaneous death on live TV but that’s exactly what happened to Australian TV host Natarsha Belling.

And it had started on such a light-hearted note, too.

Belling was fronting a segment on the Australian breakfast TV show Studio 10 where she was joined by science enthusiast and YouTube star Jacob Strickling.

Strickling was on hand to do a live demonstration of a rather unique and potentially very trick that involves pouring liquid nitrogen into a bottle of Diet Coke.

In combining the two he created something akin to a rocket of some considerable force – it was kind of like when you combine Mentos with Diet Coke. Except turned up to 10.

Having demonstrated the experiment twice, Strickling handed the bottle over to Belling to try for herself. Unfortunately, Belling hadn’t been paying enough attention to the lesson. loaded can sympathise with that – we lost concentration during many a science lesson down the years.

Even so, when she ended up attempting the experiment, she also came extremely close to firing said bottle of pop into her own face.

Though she just missed death by Coca-Cola on live TV, the bottle did manage to sheer a bit of a nearby tree off, further demonstrating just how deadly this could have been.

Seriously, that bottle could have knocked her entire head off! Decapitation! On live TV! In the morning!

Thankfully, and largely because no one was killed, everyone involved managed to see the funny side, including Strickling.

“I told you this was going to be the best live television ever,” she said, adding “I can’t hear out of my right ear.”

It could have been a lot, lot worse, Natarsha.

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