Turns Out You’ve Been Drinking Beer In The Wrong Kind Of Glass

Beer is not best served in a pint glass.

A refreshing glass of beer.Image Zac Macaulay/cultura/Corbis

Drinkers up and down the land may be used to enjoying a cold refreshing beer in a a standard pint glass but, according to one expert, that wrong. Very wrong.

In order to enjoy the best taste possible, beer drinkers may be better served by having their tipple of choice served in an altogether different glass.

Or at least that’s what Jane Peyton, the found of the School of Booze, revealed to The Sun Online. Her company specialises in beer, cider and wine tasting too, so the chances are she knows what she’s talking about.

Even so, her comments are likely to prove contentious with the more traditional pub dwellers out there.

“Drinking from a pint glass does the beer a disservice,” she told The Sun. “They have a very wide mouth so most people will glug beer and swallow it before tasting because the size of the glass is so big.

“Narrow-rimmed glasses like a flute or a Peroni glass will force you to sip the beer and taste the malty flavour on your tongue.”

How to improve beer

As well as serving beer in tall, narrow, glasses, Peyton called on pubs to serve IPAs and Guinness in the kind of round snifter glasses traditionally associated with brandy. 

Anyone drinking a bitter need not worry too much though – Peyton reckons the standard pint glass is perfect for adding flavour to the brew’s traditionally hoppy taste.

The advice comes ahead of a potentially tricky period for the pub industry, which looks set to be hit hard by the cost of Brexit, with prices expected to rise across the board.

All this and pubs continue to close on a weekly basis across the UK, with more and more people spending less and less time down their local.

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