The Surprising Way To Make A PERFECT Cup Of Tea

We didn't see this coming...

The perfect cuppa involves something you wouldn't expect... Image pixabay

There was a public outcry this month when David Tennant’s DI Hardy microwaved his cup of tea, with many stalwart tea fans equalling the act to tea murder and tea-mageddon.

This is, of course, a wild exaggeration, but it has brought attention to the correct way to brew tea, and a food scientist at the Australia-based University of Newcastle has discovered the trick to producing a perfect cup.

It turns out; it does involve a microwave. So, Hardy was onto to something. [via]

Behold Dr. Quan Vuong’s guide to exsta-tea:

1. Fill your cup with hot water and tea bag as usual

2. Stick it in the microwave for 30 seconds on HALF power

3. Allow it to sit for one minute.

4. Add milk and sugar, then drink up

Dr. Vuong stated that this method allows for 80 percent of the heart-disease fighting caffeine, theanine and polyphenol compounds in black and green tea to activate, thereby boosting the health benefits of your cuppa significantly.

Despite the claims that microwaves do more harm than good, Dr. Vuong disagrees, “Microwaving is one of the advanced technologies to get more bioactive compounds from the products.” Apparently boiling water can only bring out 10 percent of the compounds listed previously.

With regards to milk, which is a staple of British tea-making, the food scientist hasn’t made a definitive statement, but other studies have explored this element.

While some say it’s not a good idea to spoil a cuppa with dairy – other’s state it’s just fine. We think a little shouldn’t hurt.

Try adding it with your water and teabag, the fat in the milk emulsifies differently when heated all together and can change the flavour of the tea, making it creamier and delicious. 

Overall, the best part of this study is the claim from Dr. Vuong that to benefit from tea’s many positive aspects; you should drink at LEAST three cups a day.

So fire up that microwave kids, times they are a changing.

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