Turns Out Ferocious Komodo Dragons Have Life Saving Blood

James Bond's Skyfall enemy is grossly misunderstood

James Bond vs Komodo dragon Image Columbia Pictures/ MGM

The Komodo dragon may look terrifying but one of these reptiles could actually end up saving your life with their blood.

Usually, the giant lizard with the killer bite is known for causing extreme injuries thanks to a number of bacteria living in its mouth. We all know that scene in Skyfall when James Bond comes face to face with the modern-day dinosaur. They have quite the ferocious rep.

Komodo dragons became the focus of this study due to their ability to thrive in harsh conditions all while housing deadly bacteria in their mouths. The reason for this indestructibility? Scientists have discovered that their blood contains a wealth of germ killing, antimicrobial peptides – which is a jackpot for the future of our healthcare. 

(Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

What are peptides, you ask? Well, they are small proteins that ensure living things on earth don’t die from horrible infections, so pretty important.

Komodo dragons have a diversity of these peptides that could significantly aid in the fight against drug-resistant bacteria or Biofilms.

“We’ve identified a handful [of dragon peptides] that show an interesting combination of antibacterial properties, and what we call antibiofilm activities,” co-author of the study Professor Barney Bishop said to Motherboard.

The goal down the line is to turn the peptides in the robust lizard’s magical blood into drugs that could prevent and cure bacterial infections rapidly.

Magic dragons.

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