Turns Out Exercise Is Terrible For Your Health

Just stay home and watch TV.

Without training, Rowan still beat all those guys Image BBC

Do you own a Fitbit tracker? Do you have one, or probably five or six fitness and health apps on your phone? Turns out, this might be doing you more harm than good. Sorry.

A new study has revealed that too much exercise can be harmful for us, specially on this era of app madness, where we have thousands of health and fitness apps to choose from.

According to Greg Hager, from Johns Hopkins University, the problem with these apps is that they have no scientific grounding, so there is no way of knowing if they have the effect intended.

Don't run, Forest, don't run! Image © 1994 - Paramount Pictures

The main problem is the way these apps set goals, like the famous 10,000 steps per day goal, which Hager finds impossible to achieve for some people:

“Until we have evidence-based apps you could amplify issues. I mean, imagine everyone thinks they have to do 10,000 steps but you are not actually physically capable of doing that, you could actually cause harm or damage by doing so.”

Stop it! Image Michael Steele/Getty Images

Think of this: 10,000 steps is the equivalent to walking (or running) five or six miles a day. If you are an athletic person, that is not so much, but most people are used to sedentary lives and such distances can wreck them.

So perhaps what your Fitbit tells you is not the best advice to follow. Do you think running six miles a day, without any previous training, is going to make you healthier? Let’s remember three times exercise really didn’t make people healthier:



Jim Fixx

Careful with your jogging sessions Image Getty

This dude wrote a book called The Complete Book of Running, so you can imagine how much into it he was. Guess what he was doing when he died? Yep, he was running.



Dr Frederick Montz 

Dr Frederick Montz Image Portrait by L. W. Bowman

This renowned doctor died when he was only 47. Of a cardiac arrhythmia. While jogging.



David Nagey

Another tragedy Image Johns Hopkins Gazette

51-year-old physician Nagey collapsed while he was running a 5K for a fundraiser. Does the pattern here ring a bell?

So the moral of the story is this: eat all the pizza and fried food you want and drink what you want, because there is a chance it won’t make a difference.

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