Turkey midfielder gets caught doing up his hair instead of tackling

Poor Ozan Turfan

Midfielder hair disaster

Turkish midfielder, Ozan Turfan, has become enemy number one in the country after his missed tackle against Croatia which allowed Luka Modric to score a worldie in their Euro 2016 opener on Sunday afternoon. 

With the game tied 0-0 the Croats were peppering shots at the Turkish goal relentlessly to try the deadlock and they had no luck until Luka Modric hit the jackpot when a poor clearance fell into his path where he had time to whack it. 

Turkey thought their defence had done everything to fend off the Croats until it emerged after the game that the midfielder Ozan Turfan decided to play with his hair rather than block the shot. 

Safe to say the Turkish fans did not take it well but he did have a section of social media who defended him. 

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