Tulisa makes a comeback with a cover of a 90s classic

The reaction has been mixed, to say the least...

Tulisa Sweet Like Chocolate
Comeback Tulisa gives Sweet Like Chocolate a go. Image Picture YouTube/SteveAATW

Remember Shanks & Bigfoot’s late-90s classic Sweet Like Chocolate? It’s making a comeback courtesy of Tulisa.

The former N-Dubz star and X Factor judge is diving back into music, and she’s chosen to dust off the garage duo’s number one hit from 1999.

The teaser video for the single shows a bikini-clad Tulisa water-skiing in sun-drenched surroundings.

Why redo an old school hit as memorable as Sweet Like Chocolate, though?

“It’s one of the most loved tracks of the 90s and one of my favourite songs as a child,” Tulisa said in a statement. “It was amazing to remake and rewrite a song like Sweet Like Chocolate, it feels like a good way to come back.”

Elaborating further in an interview with Digital Spy, she explained that the tune brought back happy childhood memories – which included Craig David.

“It was one of my favourite songs growing up and it was around that era of Craig David when he did ‘Rewind’ and then ‘Sweet Like Chocolate’ was around at the same time,” she said.

“I have memories of my friend in primary school taking me to her caravan site and us boogying at the age of 11 on the dance floor to Sweet Like Chocolate and Rewind. They were my two favourite songs of that era.

“When I was in the studio I said to the producer, ‘Let’s do something old school garage.’ I’m really about that sound right now. I love it. I love the fact Craig David is coming back and bringing it back. This is the music I grew up on.

Reaction to the track has been mixed, with tweeters keen to make their opinions heard.

The full music video for Tulisa’s Sweet Like Chocolate isn’t out until September 2, so in the meantime here’s the original Shanks & Bigfoot video in all its sugary, animated glory…

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