Trumpocalypse: What Happens If The US Leaves The Paris Climate Deal?

If Trump decides to take the US out of the momentous Paris Climate Accord it could have disastrous consequences...

The man is on a mission to f*ck everything up... Image Getty/ Humans are Free

Donald Trump has been in the news for a range of silly reasons lately, namely “covfefe” and that gruesome picture scandal involving his severed head and comedian Kathy Griffin.

But his latest gaffe comes with a mighty high price for all of us.

Rumours coming out of the White House state that Trump has plans to remove the US from the Paris Climate Accord – a momentous global warming agreement that brings 195 countries together to aid in cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

The United States is the world’s second largest carbon polluter and when Obama signed the US into the accord; he pledged to reduce these harmful emissions significantly, this decision made up a substantial portion of the overall agreement.

The Arc de Triomphe celebrating the Climate deal last year / Getty

Such a pledge could reduce global emission by 56 gigatons in 2030, which means we can all breathe easier in as little as 13 years.

However, if Trump takes a superpower like the United States out of the equation, well let’s just say, he might be prompting the beginning of the “Trumpocalypse.”

Michael Oppenheimer, a professor of geosciences and international affairs at Princeton told the New York Times if this does happen, “We will see more extreme heat, damaging storms, coastal flooding and risks to food security.”

What would a Trumpocalypse look like exactly?


A Rise In Temperature

If the US leaves, countries like India, the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia could back off as well, and if no regulations are holding back their pollution, well we could breach the atmospheric temperature threshold of 3.6 degrees. If that happens, all hell will break loose, and things will get incredibly hot. Extreme heat would mean lakes would dry up, the water supply would decrease, and some plants and animals would become extinct due to the temperature – that’s right no more polar bears.

Damaging Storms

If we go over the threshold, more and more mega storms will occur, killing millions through disasters like tsunamis, hurricanes and terrible floods due to melted ice caps. Yes, low lying populated islands could sink into the abyss thanks to Trump.


All in all a Trumpocalyse would look like a barren, fiery wasteland where riots and violence are frequent due to not enough drinking water and extreme storms are endless. It would be the end of the world.

That would be on you, Donald.

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