Troll Who Said ‘99% Of Men’ Could Beat Female MMA Stars Left Regretting Claims

Kris Zylinski made the comments online last month – and they just came back to bite him.

Image McDojoLife

An online troll who claimed he could take on pretty much any female MMA fighter at their own game was left looking rather silly.

Kris Zylinski claimed: “99% of women are too weak and lack the reflexes to do enough damage to stop 99% of men.

“Even if they knew Brazilian jiu-jitsu they just don’t have the size or strength to use the holds. It’s dangerous to teach any woman to try and strike or fight a man.

“If you want to set up an MMA fight between me and a girl with signed contracts, sure, I’m down.”

Thankfully the good folk over at the MMA Facebook page McDojoLife were only too happy to oblige, setting up a fight with top female fighter Tara LaRosa.

Though initial plans to live-stream the bout on their Facebook page were eventually canned, the fight did eventually end up happening in an undisclosed location.

Tara LaRosa vs Kris Zylinski (Internet Troll) #Rolljunkie #McDojoLife

Posted by Mcdojolife on Monday, 22 January 2018

The results were, perhaps, what you would expect: Kris got his ass handed to him and was made to look a complete fool in the process.

Zylinkski was no match for LaRosa, who successfully wore the internet troll down before forcing him to tap out. Twice.

Perhaps the incident will serve as an example to any other douchebags out there who might fancy their chances against a trained MMA professional.

Then again, something tells us there are probably still a fair few tools out there who reckon they could take on the likes of LaRosa et al.

It’s not the first time loaded has celebrated the downfall of a fight-based dumbass. A few months back, we brought you footage of a self-proclaimed Tai Chi Master getting taken down a peg or two in a straight-up brawl.

He lasted a matter of seconds before hitting the canvass. What a knockout. Leave the fighting to the professionals, guys.

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