Blokes Get Tricked Into Seeing Naked Blonde In Hilarious Prank

How would you react?


The internet can be a pretty hilarious place at times, can’t it?

Every day brilliant new videos go viral, and now an amazing new prank video has emerged which sees a bunch of guys tricked into seeing another guy’s wife naked.

Of course, plenty of blokes wouldn’t necessarily mind being ‘tricked’ into seeing someone take their clothes off, but for these guys, it wasn’t a happy experience.

The clip shows a bunch of guys thinking they’re picking up free printer toner, before ‘accidentally’ ripping all the woman’s clothes off. 

“What the guys that are coming in don’t know, is that they’re about to get something a little extra…” the woman says in the video intro.

After being greeted by a pretty scary looking guy, the unlucky participants are introduced to his ‘wife’, and things get very awkward very quickly…

Of course, the guy comes back in the room to discover his ‘wife’ naked, and he gets angry as hell.

Thankfully, the guys take the prank well. After all, the last thing we want is another backfiring viral video on our hands…

A women’s car sex prank recently went viral, after it backfired and her boyfriend totally lost his shit.

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