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Train Conductor’s Career Derailed Over Provocative Instagram Pics

By Loaded

January 24, 2018

A female train conductor could soon be seeking alternative employment after reportedly being dismissed over a string of “provocative” social media posts.

CBC News is reporting that Stephanie Katelnikoff had her contract with the Canadian Pacific Railway terminated last November after apparently violating the company’s code of ethics policy.

Katelnikoff was apparently let go after posting a handful of modelling shots to her social media accounts, among other things, which were then used as evidence against her.

Speaking to CBC, Katelnikoff was keen to stress that her firing may have been as much to do with her negative comments towards her employers on social media as the images themselves.

“I think it was a 50/50 split between the two. When I got dismissed, they blanketed everything together and said I was being dismissed for my inappropriate social media content. So I’m not sure what of my content they’ve deemed appropriate and inappropriate,” she said. 

“The investigative officer called my social media content graphic,” she added.

Katelnikoff was previously warned about her conduct after posting a video to YouTube criticising Canadian Pacific Railway’s CEO Hunter Harrison.

The images may have been the final straw though with the budding model, hunting enthusiast and self-employed philanthropist caught in a series of eye-catching poses online.

There is implied nudity, bare skin and even some girl-on-girl action.

Despite the setback, Katelnikoff hasn’t given up hope of getting her job back and believes she still has a future in the locomotive industry.

Does that mean she would willingly quit her social media activity though? Should she even have to? Would this even be an issue if it was a dude? It looks like an employment tribunal could soon be forced to decide.

Good. Luck. With. That.

Of course, this isn’t the first time the lines between Instagram and employment have been blurred – loaded has previously reported on firefighters and law enforcement officials who have ended up getting as much attention for their social media activities as their work.

This situation is a little more complicated though.