Traffic Warden Caught ‘Parking Illegally’ So She Can Hand Out Tickets

People are getting REALLY angry after seeing this...

Traffic warden car
Traffic warden car Traffic warden car Image YouTube/marie jim

The most hated profession is, and probably always will be, traffic wardens.

They’re right up there with estate agents and politicians as the most detested workers in the country – but is their reputation really justified?

Of course, the vast majority are decent people just trying to do their job. However, footage of one warden has gone viral which might just back up your anti-traffic warden feelings forever…

A clip filmed in Maidstone, Kent shows a warden parking her car ‘illegally’, before heading out to hand tickets out to motorists. It’s fair to see a LOT of people are pretty angry after seeing it go viral online.

An eye witness named Jim Jones spotted a female warden parked on a junction, before getting out to reprimand a line of cars parked in double yellow lines.


Speaking to The Sun, Jim said: “Whilst sat in my car waiting for a colleague to receive a work medical I saw the warden approach the junction in her vehicle, look left and right and then yank her head to the right all of a sudden.”

He added: “With that she dumped her vehicle on the junction illegally also in yellow lines although faded and proceeded to cross the road.

“It didn’t take a genius to figure out she was off to ticket someone.”

APCOA Parking has denied that the woman committed any offense, but the clip seems to suggest otherwise.

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