Tracy Kiss: The Model And Author Who Swears By Semen Facials And Sperm Smoothies

The blogger and personal trainer is fast becoming the Bear Grylls of beauty.

Tracy Kiss on Instagram.
Tracy Kiss The model, vlogger and blogger has courted controversy. Image Tracy Kiss/Instagram

Beauty blogger and model Tracy Kiss has courted controversy after revelations about her strict beauty regimen, which includes semen facials and sperm smoothies, went viral.

The Kiss is no stranger to controversy, having emerged as the breakout star of Channel 4’s Naked Attraction, where she sent Twitter into a spin after describing her lady parts as a ‘beef sandwich’.

“Much like Bear Grylls I have quite the stomach for exploration.”

A blogger, vlogger and all-round fitness fanatic, Kiss is also known for offering beauty advice online which recently included a semen facial and sperm-based smoothie drink.

“I’m all for natural, organic, eco friendly alternatives to health and beauty and much like Bear Grylls I have quite the stomach for exploration,” Kiss told loaded.

“As I have a skin condition called rosacea which makes my face red, flushed and dry much like sunburn the majority of cosmetics irritate my sensitive skin but semen soothes it. I appreciate it won’t be to everyone’s taste or liking – pun intended!”

“Semen soothes my tender skin, leaves it smooth and hydrated and ideal for wearing makeup without it drying out or cracking.”

Keen to promote the benefits of the semen facial, Kiss believes that it could one day become every day part of many a relationship.

Naked Attraction's Tracy Kiss
A Kiss from a Rose On the...graaaaccceee

Kiss does not get her supply from any boyfriend or partner though.

“As I’m single my friend supplies me with semen in a tub.  I’m not involved in the extraction process, he just saves it up for me rather than throwing it away,” she told loaded.

“Thankfully he’s open minded and understanding and knows I’m not trying to impregnate myself with his semen.”

Her semen use goes far beyond purely facials though, with another video from the YouTube sensation showcasing an alternative use for the white stuff – smoothies.

“I’m not involved in the extraction process, he just saves it up for me rather than throwing it away”

“Being vegan I’m naturally deficient in iron and b12, both of which are found naturally in semen.

“In a relationship few women think twice about swallowing a partners semen without realising the nutritional benefits. It’s a mood enhancer, helps to prevent prostrate cancer through ejaculation and can be an indicator of a change in men’s health.”

There is good news for any open-minded blokes out there too, with Kiss very much in the market for a full-time donor of sorts – though she probably won’t be accepting applications by post.

She told loaded: “My aim is to find a partner who can ultimately milk daily and love laugh and grow old with – I don’t think it’s much to ask for in life!”

“Women breastfeed, couples enjoy rimming, the world needs to be more open minded to sustainable beauty without the harsh additives, preservatives and chemicals loaded into expensive cosmetics these days.”

Tracy Kiss: blogger, vlogger, model and curator of some truly eye-opening beauty secrets. And there’s definitely no pun intended there.

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