Traci Bingham: The Baywatch Star You Totally Forgot Was Incredible

Traci played Jordan Tate on Baywatch and 20 years on still looks incredible.

The Baywatch gang Image NBC

When nostalgic discussion turns to the subject of cult ‘90s lifeguard “drama” series Baywatch, the same familiar names tend to get a nod.

David Hasselhoff, Pamela Anderson, Alexandra Paul, Yasmine Bleeth and even Carmen Electra (whose stay on the show was brief) usually are often mentioned – but what of the show’s other standout stars, like Traci Bingham for example?

Having appeared in the video to Mark Wahlberg’s 1991 hit Good Vibrations, when he went by the name of Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, aside from a few other music video appearances, Bingham’s TV work was limited to small roles in shows like Beverly Hills 90210 and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air before she got her big break with Baywatch.

Playing the role of lifeguard Jordan Tate for two seasons of the show and just prior to the infamous “Baywatch Bloodbath” when a plethora of familiar favourites left the series, Bingham certainly made an impact and won a few friends along the way, even going as far as posing for Playboy alongside some of her cast mates in 1998.


Traci Bingham today
Traci Bingham Now Image Getty

In the years since, Bingham’s put that time spent on Baywatch to good use too, starring in a series of reality TV shows with arguably the most memorable of these being The Surreal Life: Fame Games, which ended with Bingham pocketing $100,000 in prize money.

Additionally, Bingham has also appeared in Gimme My Reality show and, as most UK fans will attest, one rather strange series of Celebrity Big Brother on Channel 4.

An animal rights activist and PETA spokesperson, these days Bingham works on the radio station in Boston and most recently appeared as a spokes model for Empire Poker.

Traci Bingham on Instagram
Traci Bingham Image Traci Bingham/Instagram

She remains an active presence on social media though, with her Instagram account demonstrating that, while some things change, Bingham appears to stay very much the same.

Having last appeared on film as herself in 2013’s rather odd sounding Traci In Space, a film that appears to have been erased from the internet, Bingham seems to be out of the limelight for now but we would never rule out a comeback.

Don’t worry though: loaded will be there, loaded will be ready, never you fear.

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