This fan theory about Andy’s mum in Toy Story will destroy you

We can believe it...

Toy Story
Toy Story A scene from Pixar's Toy Story series. Image Disney/Pixar

There have been many crazy fan theories relating to Pixar films over the years.

Most of these come from the mind of film critic and self-confessed Pixar fanatic Jon Negroni who published his infamous ‘Pixar Theory’, which speculates that all the animated films exist within the same universe.

Now a theory that Negroni posted back in 2014 is gaining some traction online. It speculates that Andy’s Mum might be Emily, the young girl seen in flashback in Toy Story 2 and Jesse’s original owner.

How can this be? Let’s look at the facts…

Negroni points out that Andy’s cowboy hat, which he wears in the first toy Story movie, closely resembles Jesse’s hat rather than Woody’s. The key difference is that Jesse’s hat has a white band around it while Andy’s does not, though if you look closely you can make out a faded mark where a band might once have been.

When Jesse is telling her story in Toy Story 2 we get a flashback of a young girl playing with her, wearing an identical hat to the one Andy has (though with a white band). This young girl’s room is plastered with old posters from the 1960’s, essentially meaning this girl is now old enough to potentially be a mother.

Could it be that Emily grew up and had a son called Andy who she passed on her cowboy hat to him to play with?

You can’t deny it’s a possibility. Maybe this will be answered when Toy Story 4 is released in June 2018.

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