Tourist Who Dodged Ticket Prices By Hopping Zoo Fences Mauled To Death By Tiger

He didn't want to pay the £15 entrance fee. He ended up paying the highest price of all.

A tiger in captivity at the Circus.

A tourist has been mauled to death by a tiger after climbing into the animals enclose in a bid to avoid paying the zoo’s £15 entrance fee.

The incident took place at the Youngor Zoo in Ningbo City in East China. The man, who is believed to have been in his forties and went by the surname Zhang, was on holiday with friends and family at the time.

Horrific footage of the attack even emerged on social media but was later removed during to its astonishingly graphic nature.

It is thought that Zheng was killed while his horrified family watched on. In the footage, the man is shown being dragged around by Siberian tiger before other big cats begin to surround him.

Though Zheng does his best to fight them off, he’s no match with one of the animals eventually biting down on his neck.

It took over an hour for Zhang’s body to be retrieved while he was pronounced dead in hospital shortly after. One of the Siberian tigers was also shot dead during the incident, while the zoo was closed for a day after the incident.

Ningbo City officials have since confirmed that Zhang and another man climbed the zoo’s 3-metre outer fence in order to avoid paying for the 130-RMB (£15) ticket. His wife and children entered the park legally.

An investigation is now imminent after the second high-profile tiger mauling in the space of six months.

Back in July, a female tourist was killed by a tiger during a visit to a zoo in Beijing.

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