WATCH: Take A Tour Through A Drug Dealer’s Abandoned Mansion

This is spooky as hell...

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Ever wondered what the inside of a drug dealer’s mansion looks like?

We’re not talking about something from Grand Theft Auto, Scarface or Narcos, but a genuine bona fide home for an illegal narcotics pusher.

YouTube channel Exploring With Josh finally scratches that itch thanks to a 10-minute video exploring the crib.

For a bit of background: the mansion was owned by a woman who had a licence to grow medical marijuana, and when she died it was turned over to dodgy estate agents who started a weed operation illegally. A fire led to their arrest and the property has been vacant ever since.

The pad is now completely abandoned and the video is an eerie experience, with kids toys strewn all over the place and a swimming pool getting overrun with green algae.

The video has been viewed 3 million times since its recent upload, showing that there’s still major interest in finding out how lawbreakers live.

“It sucks to see it go like this to waste,” host Josh said. “It’s so spooky to think there are kids that used to live here. They just abandoned their stuff. It’s really like an apocalypse at this moment.”

Watch the full abandoned mansion tour below:

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